Best Soundbar Under 400 -Year 2017- Our top 4

The speakers built into your television are terrible, so you know the only way to experience the full enjoyment of movies and TV shows is to buy a soundbar.

best soundbar under 400 dollars ReviewThey have the power to let you listen to sounds you’ve never heard before, and they’re also sleek and stylish enough to look great inside your living room.

The only question you have to ask yourself is which one you want to buy, so to help you out we’ll look at the best soundbar under 400 dollars based on a few different things.

Instead of confusing you with a massive list we’ll only look at the top 3 you must click on to research in greater detail.

ZVOX SoundBase 670

ZVOX SoundBase 670 ReviewThe ZVOX SoundBase 670 soundbar might only be 36-inches long and 3.5-inches high, but it’s got five full range speakers built into it.

When you combine the central speakers with the ones on either side, it will produce a rich surround sound experience without the need for subwoofers and satellite speakers scattered around your living room. The special ZVOX Phase Cue technology is used to create the three-dimensional sound that gets blasted out around your room.

Each of the three subwoofers built into the soundbar not only create bass powerful enough to shake the room, but they also help to keep the vocals crystal clear. If they’re still not to your satisfaction there is an AccuVoice button on your remote to make them even clearer.

Just like other advanced soundbars being released these days, it also comes with Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to play things through your smartphone. It has a very high score on Amazon, so don’t forget to read the reviews.

Sony HT-CT370

Sony HT-CT370 ReviewSony are one of the leading tech brands in the world, so you can almost guarantee their HT-CT370 sound system is going to be amazing. They promise you cinematic sound with 300 watts of power, which is more than enough for anyone.

Unlike the last soundbar we looked at, the Sony HT-CT370 comes with a wireless subwoofer you’ll be able to place anywhere inside your room to help you enjoy the thunderous bass. Even though it’s slim the soundbar delivers a full range of sound that will reach all the way across your living room.

You can count on Sony to add the best technology into even the most affordable of products, and they’ve done so with their S-Master amplifier to bring high-level clarity to every sound you hear.

The S-Force digital signal processing also creates a forward-facing surround sound experience directly from the soundbar itself. It’s simple to set up and will look beautiful under your TV, so it’s worth checking out.

Samsung HW-J550

Samsung HW-J550 ReviewThe Samsung HW-J550 is the most powerful sound system we’ve looked at today thanks to its 320 watts of power, with the wattage being split equally between the soundbar and the wireless subwoofer you’ll get with it.

Even though it’s only a 2.1 system it uses Surround Sound Expansion technology to make you feel like you’re stuck inside a TV show even without the extra speakers surrounding you. With only one HDMI cable to connect it takes minutes to set yourself up with high-quality sound.

The way this sound system is set up delivers another experience usually reserved for movie theaters, as the deep bass from the woofer comes together perfectly with the balanced audio from the soundbar to make everything you watch sound just right.

It can be controlled through Bluetooth as with all advanced soundbars, but this one even has its own special mobile app to make it even easier for you. Due to Samsung being another of the leading brands in the technology space you’ll need to read what previous buyers are saying about the HW-J550.

– Each One Of Them Is Perfect

When looking for the best soundbar under 400 dollars, you’re left with a lot of choices. That being said, the ones we’ve talked about today certainly rank up there with the best.

Check out any one of them to begin the process, because they’re all a little different and each one of them could be what you’re looking for depending on your needs.

Remember you should still expect a quality soundbar even if you’re looking to spend under 400 dollars, and the one you buy should be packed with the latest technology.

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